Our Story

Danielle's fascination with entomophagy began during her undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria. After spending months researching the benefits of insect protein, she became inspired to help Canadians take the leap towards more sustainable protein consumption.

Then Billie, Danielle's fur-niece, came into the picture. A few months after she was adopted, she started to get very sick. After days of throwing up, scratching, and being lethargic, Billie was taken to the vet, and it was announced she had a meat intolerance. Danielle learned meat intolerance is a major issue in the pet industry, but is widely unrecognized due to the misconception that dogs are carnivores.

Shortly after, Doodlebugs was born. Once Danielle realized crickets are hypoallergenic for dogs with meat intolerances, she combined her passion for animals with her fascination for insect protein to create a revolutionary new product: cricket-based dog treats. With the help of her community's cutest dogs, Danielle tested her recipe, refined her business model, and learned what dog owners look for when buying treats.

Today, dogs across Canada are enjoying Doodlebug's healthy, tasty, and sustainable benefits. Doodlebug's vision is to be a sustainable protein company that enhances health and wellness. We aspire to build a relationship with our community and make furry friends along the way.