Why do I love my dog so much?

It’s possible you have referred to your dog as a furbaby before. You probably don’t feel like your dog is something you own, but rather someone who is part of your family.

Pet parent relationships like this are becoming a lot more common, especially as people increasingly choose to adopt a dog instead of having children. We want to spoil our furbabies and buy them the most nutritious treats, best toys, and give them the best lives possible. We are willing to plan our lives around their poop schedule, have their hair all over our clothes, and spend a substantial amount of money to keep them healthy. The love for a dog is a different kind of love that you feel deep at your core.

Researchers have investigated that warm feeling we get from spending time with our dogs. Studies show a similar hormonal response occurs from staring into your dog’s eyes as seen between mothers and their babies. Takefumi Kikusui, an animal behaviourist, discovered oxytocin levels (the feel-good chemical) and bonding rise simply through eye contact with our dogs.

Dogs understand us. When we cry, they recognize something is wrong and comfort us. We can speak to our dogs and use hand signals to communicate with them, and they know how to pull on our heartstrings to get few extra dog treats.

We can be our truest selves with our dogs. When no one is watching, we can dance with them judgement free. When we need someone to talk to, our dog will always be there to listen. Even as we get older, dogs inspire us to have fun like we are children.



Loving your dog like they are a family member is nothing to feel ashamed of. In fact, it’s what they deserve.


How much do I love dogs? Well, I started a whole company that sells cricket-based dog treats to help dogs everywhere the nutritious snacks they deserve. 

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